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NAUI Introduces New First Aid Course Materials

NAUI is extending its award-winning training product line and making it simple for divers to receive their First Aid certification, with the addition of the NAUI First Aid Textbook and certificate student packet (item #90040), NAUI First Aid Instructor Guide (software package, item #16021), and the NAUI First Aid Instructor Guide (loose-leaf version, item #14005).

NAUI’s all inclusive First Aid materials are now available, and contain all the standard first aid information, with additional subjects including: Automated External Defibrillation (AED), Blood-borne Pathogens, Emergency Oxygen Administration and First Aid for Aquatic Life Injuries.

Both the NAUI First Aid Textbook and Instructor Guide were professionally written and reviewed by an expert team of physicians, researchers and emergency medical technicians and include all of the current International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) recommendations, announced in December 2005.

“For the first time in the emergency responder training market there exists an international consensus on what constitutes effective CPR and First Aid skills and the training methods and content needed to educate the general public and professional rescuer communities,” said Jed Livingstone, NAUI Vice President. “This is also the first time that NAUI members who train and prepare divers for NAUI membership no longer need to rely on a third party to finish the job. Everything they need is available from NAUI.”

The NAUI First Aid textbook includes icon-based notations and highlights key points within the text that form the basis for the final exam. The NAUI First Aid Instructor Guide follows the same replica uhren online comprehensive format as all of our other instructor guides, and is available in a software only package or in a loose-leaf printed version. The CD-ROM includes PowerPoint presentations as well as PDF files and MS-Word documents to suit your individual needs.

“The timing for this new product line couldn’t be better. All of the first aid and CPR training organizations, such as Red Cross, American Heart Association and the European Resuscitation Council have had to update and reissue their training materials. This means that every CPR and First Aid instructor will have to retool and purchase new instructor guides, textbooks and videos to continue their instructor ratings,” said Chad Barbay, NAUI’s U.S. Territory Manager. “However, with the new NAUI First Aid course you can skip buying an expensive new video or DVD because you can teach all of the courses by using the teaching slides and performing skill demonstrations. We can do this because we know that NAUI instructors can actually teach a subject; and videos—while useful as a training aide—need not be required. We will also be offering some great packages of the new materials that will really benefit our members and affiliated retailers.”

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