NAUI Credo

The NAUI Credo

We Believe:
  • An individual should not be qualified as a NAUI Instructor unless those empowered to qualify the person would allow that person to teach their loved ones to dive.

  • That the leadership power in NAUI should be limited to and controlled by the democratic process.

  • NAUI Instructors are qualified professional educators who are granted academic freedom to teach diving in any reasonable manner as long as NAUI standards and policies are met. NAUI does not have a rigid approach to teaching diving. NAUI training support materials are designed for flexibility in teaching.

  • NAUI Instructors may exceed NAUI standards in ways that do not jeopardize student safety. Examples include exceeding the number of required open water dives or increasing the academic content.

  • In the principle of continuing education for divers. People cannot learn all they need to know about diving in a single course of instruction and are to be encouraged to obtain additional training to enhance their safety and enjoyment.

  • Diving instructors should be constantly improving the courses they teach. As better ways to teach are developed, NAUI Instructors have an obligation to share these developments with other NAUI members.

  • In the educational concept of conditioning, i.e., the over-learning of skills. NAUI Instructors should structure every course to ensure adequate training and practice time.

  • Any individual who possesses the mental and physical abilities to dive and the desire to do so can be taught to dive by a patient, capable NAUI Instructor who will work with the person until the person is qualified to dive safely.

  • That developmental skills, exercises and games that do not have a direct application in actual diving can be used effectively during training in controlled conditions to enhance diving ability.

  • Those who wish to learn to dive must have good water-skills, attain the ability to swim continuously, and demonstrate basic water survival skills.

  • That divers should not be totally dependent upon their equipment for their safety. NAUI members emphasize the skills of diving.

  • Anyone certified as a diver should be able to perform the basics of a rescue of a buddy diver.

  • That standards requirements and student needs are the governing factors controlling instruction and we oppose any controlling factors that hinder or prevent the meeting of these requirements and needs.

  • It is more important to train a few students well than to certify many marginally trained divers. We further believe that educational quality must never be sacrificed for economic reasons.

  • In student-centered learning.

  • That responsibility for safety should be gradually transferred from the instructor to the student during training and that students should be capable of assuming full responsibility for their own safety in order to be certified to dive without supervision.

  • Businesses and individuals are entitled to do business with whomever they choose and we do not demand that they be exclusive to NAUI. We do, however, expect NAUI members to represent and support the NAUI organization to at least the same extent they support any other organization.

  • Instructors and dive centers should profit from their instructional activities. We recognize that diving warrants the professionalism and the fees associated with other recreational adventure sport pursuits.

  • In the traditional concept of the buddy system for diving. that proficiency in the skills of sharing air and making an emergency swimming ascent is essential for diver safety.

  • That it is the duty of the officers, directors and employees of the association to meet the needs and desires of the NAUI membership above any and all other needs and desires that may exist in the diving industry.

  • It is the responsibility of every NAUI member to ensure the quality of NAUI instruction.

  • Every member has an obligation to report violations of NAUI’s Standards and Policies and/or the Code of Ethics.

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