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Become A NAUI Dive Center

Whether you want to sell in South Africa, teach in Toronto, certify in China, dock your dive boat in Dubai, be a retailer in Roatan, or offer technical training in Texas, NAUI is the agency to help you accomplish your goals. 

When you become a NAUI Dive Center, you gain access to our Total Business Solutions©, an exclusive package of business benefits designed to help you grow your business. Benefits such as the Customer replica rolex watches Advantage Program that allows you the flexibility to purchase our complete inventory line at a price level that's best for your business, the NAUI Prospect Kit that converts over 63% of prospects into customers, or our “FUSS” Customer Retention Program that keeps your customers coming back to your store. 

NAUI Dive Centers have access to a full line of award-winning educational and training materials including customizable Instructor Guides that allow you to modify the material and teach the classes that best fit your students’ needs, while marketing your equipment lines, your staff, and your business. 

NAUI has the highest training standards in the industry, helping you create the best divers and instructors possible. Your NAUI staff will be skilled teachers, able to teach many specialties – including leadership courses - without any additional fees required by an agency or a complicated application process. And, when you create new instructors, there is no need to pay for an agency employee to complete the course.

What's the bottom line? When you become a NAUI Dive Center, you gain easy-to-use marketing and business tools and educational materials that can increase your bottom line. Please contact a NAUI Representative in your area to learn more about the Total Business Solutions programs available in your region and about becoming a NAUI Dive Center.

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