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1. Please indicate the course level/name completed.

2. Total open water scuba dives for your course: (One dive = entry, dive and exit.)

3. Deepest dive (ft/m) during course with instructor or assistant:

4. Maximum number of students with instructor:

5. Number of days to complete all open water dives.

6. Was a NAUI Instructor present during the course?

7. Your overall rating of the course.

8. Were the following skills or topics covered during your SCUBA DIVER course 1. Decompression Sickness 2. Nitrogen Narcosis 3. Emergency Ascents 4. Air Embolism

9. Would you recommend this course to a friend?


11. Please let us know the name of the instructor who conducted your training.

12. If you would like to receive information from NAUI about training opportunities please provide your email address below.

13. If you have any questions about the training you received or wish to directly speak to someone here at NAUI please contact the Training Department at 813-628-6284 voice, 813-628-8253 fax or via email at training@naui.org

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