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If you are interested in activating eLearning, please visit NAUI CORE to begin your course.

Activation Code

To activate an eLearning course, enter the Activation Code. The code is a string of characters similar to this 19d15c61-33e4-43dc-ac24-0014f0a6282a , on a label on the DVD sleeve found inside your textbook in the elearning system. Carefully enter the entire string including dash marks. It is not case sensitive. You only need enter it correctly one time, and it cannot be used again.

Activation Code:

NAUI Store & Trainer Numbers

Look on the outside of the elearning system that you purchased. There is a tag with a Trainer and/or a Store number. Use these to complete the activation.

NAUI Trainer Number:
* Required Field

NAUI Store Number:

If you do not have the NAUI Trainer and/or Store Numbers please call the dive center where you purchased your kit. For further assistance, call NAUI Support at 813-628-6284.

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This is the User id that you created when activating the course.

DO NOT use the NAUI Trainer or Store number as a User id.

User ID = (Quickdiver)

E.g. Quickdiver

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